UAS/UAV Drone Operations

Caulfield & Wheeler, Inc. proudly announces the addition of FAA Part 107 Certified Drone and UAS/UAV Drone Operations to our offering of services. By utilizing the most recent technology in the unmanned aerial vehicle or drone market, Caulfield & Wheeler is able to accurately inspect, photograph, video, or survey a wide variety of areas that were previously either too-large or unreachable by a GPS field crew. By implementing the highest quality peripherals like thermal cameras, cinema cameras, and UAS/UAV Drone LiDar solutions, we’re able to provide a variety of services for our clients to maximize their development project.

Caulfield & Wheeler is also using the latest technology in High Definition 3D-HDS Laser Scanning and LiDar. The Leica HDS3000 is a multi-purpose laser scanner that combines high efficiency with high accuracy for a wide range of civil and surveying applications. The Leica HDS3000 joins our list of the latest computer hardware and software technology that is used to fulfill our commitment “To provide our clients with quality, on time and cost effective services.” Since it was introduced, the Leica HDS3000 has become the industry’s most popular laser scanner for both demanding and “every day” as-built and topographic surveys.

Caulfield & Wheeler Drone UAV Survey Operations

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